Partnership with RFU


Interested? Great!

Here is how the partnership works:

  • I create a YouTube channel and add you as a manager
  • I upload a script and visual materials on Google Drive
  • You publish the transalted video next day by 8 pm local time

What you need:

  • Audio recording software (e.g., Audacity, etc.)
  • Video editing software (e.g., DaVinci Resolve, etc.)
  • Graphics editing software (for thumbnails) (e.g., Affinity Photo, etc.)
  • Work every day


  • You get 50% of total monetization

*if you start with a new and unmonetized channel, and do full dubbing.

The partnership will be formal, so I will provide you with the contract.

Sounds good? Send an email to

  • In the subject/header, write: Localization in [your language]
  • Tell me about your experience in translating, narrating, using the necessary software, running social media pages, etc.
  • If you have, send me examples of your work.
  • Use these materials to make a test video, upload it on YouTube and send me the link asap.